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Quality Control

Inventory Management Service

This service, specially developed for importers, integrates inspections upon arrival to destination with the management and quality control of inventories. The aim is to deliver the Right Fruit to the Right Customer (RFRC).

The main objective is to ensure proper delivery of the fruit to our customers’ buyers, reducing rejection rates and the high costs resulting from these rejections.

Decofrut’s inventory management service allows importers having an independent body checking processes’ quality, guaranteeing impartiality to producers, importers and the company’s team itself.

Inspection Service at Destination

This service, which provides quality controls of the produce upon arrival to destination, is designed to tackle the main problems affecting a successful export management by means of quality inspections at arrival, thermographs recovery, cold stores reinspections and repacking supervision.

Decofrut works with quality control teams in each office and executives who are responsible for each account and who are in permanent contact with the client.

The timely presence of Decofrut inspectors allows detecting a problem and activating the insurance, and the information collected serves as basis for the corresponding claim.

Inspection Service at Origin

The inspection service at origin allows controlling quality at the stages of packing and storage, integrating the operation and information processes of each exporter. The main goal is guaranteeing that each process meets the quality standards specified by the customer.

Outsourcing the quality control process to Decofrut allows you to optimize and focus efforts on quality management, leaving aside the organization and equipment management.

With this service, customers have an independent body certifying quality of their processes, thus guaranteeing impartiality to producers, importers and the company’s team itself.

Information Services

Expordata Yearbook

Publication including all statistics related to Chilean fresh fruit exports during the season and a comparison with the previous two seasons. The yearbook is published in September every year and is based on official figures provided by Chilean Exporters Association (ASOEX). It also contains detailed information by exporter, importer, species and fruit variety, shipment type, port of destination, etc.

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Expordata FullCargo

Online system based on official figures from the Chilean Exporters Association (ASOEX). It provides shipments information before arrival to destination. You can generate your own reports, requesting information at your convenience: shipments, fruit variety, exporters, importers, target markets, type of shipment, etc. (This service is available for companies outside of Chile).

Market Reports

The most complete online market information service of the industry. These weekly reports include market analysis and short-term projections, as well as selling prices at importer level (Chilean fruit and other origins), weekly shipment volumes, retail and organic prices. The markets analyzed are the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Follow-ups of table grapes, stonefruits and topfruits are provided, organized by type of fruit.

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  • History
    Decofrut was founded in 1987 by its current president Manuel Jose Alcaino to fill a need of Chilean export companies for fresh fruit quality certification services for export to destination markets. Through its offices Rotterdam, Holland, the company began providing quality certificaciton services for Chilean fresh fruit exporters.
    Once the nascent company was able to ensure good quality, it expanded to other important fruit markets. Around 1994, it officially opened its office in the port of Sheerness, England, then in 1998 and 1999, it opened offices in Philadelphia, Miami and Los Angeles, USA. In 2002 it expanded into Asia, specifically Hong Kong and then to Taiwan in 2004.
    That same year, the company began operating in Barcelona, St. Petersburg and Genoa. Decofrut began its quality certification services in Rotterdam, Holland, controlling a 1 million cases its first year. Decofrut currently has offices in 10 ports across the United States, Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, controlling close to 140 million cases of all types of fruits yearly from many different origins.
    Although the initial objective was to fulfill the needs of Chilean exporters, other kinds of services were incorporated later on. Subsequently, the Information and Research Department was added during 1991, in order to provide valuable information for clients. It is currently the primary source of information and analysis for the market of the exportation industry in the Southern Hemisphere.
    The constant changes and requirements imposed by a market as dynamics and the agroindustry, makes constantly evaluating client's needs a necessity. Decofrut has understood this message, and has been adapting itself to the times and the types of clients for which it renders services today: Exporters, Importers and service companies.
    It is not only a matter of providing new client oriented services, such as controlling temperatures during different stages of transportation, quality certification at the origin, and most recently, controlling inventories at the destination; but also the contribution experience can offer clients, which has been fundamental in setting ourselves apart.
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Advise and optimize fresh fruit businesses by providing top quality information and analysis on the market and quality inspections through technological platforms and reliable, motivated and experienced teams of professionals.


To be world leaders in quality control services and providers of information on fruit commercialization between countries. Along with being recognized as a business with moral work ethics and that is socially responsible with clients, their employees, the community in which they are based, and society in general
  • Core Values
    Personal and Professional Growth
    To be a business that grows professionally and personally through team work, recognizing individual merit, and generating new ways in wich to make personal contributions. This is why we take care of our people and their work conditions.
  • Core Values
    Client Oriented
    Client satisfaction is the manner by which we rate our services, since client needs are an integral part of all our business innovations. We are deeply committed to solving all problems and are actively looking for ways to improve our services.
  • Core Values
    Professional Ethics
    We want Decofrut to operate whithin the limited of integrity and transparency so as to generate profits in a legal and honorable manner
  • Core Values
    Freedom and Reliability
    Employees are encouraged to develop their work, contributing next ideas and new ways of doing things, within a flexlible frame of management and an open door policy. All of our employees strive to complete their work efficiently, within a firm base of trust.
  • Core Values
    Goal Oriented
    We aim to accomplish all the objectives of our company projects and increase business profits, while trying to exceed expectations each year.